Principal’s Corner

August 16, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2016 – 2017 school year. I trust that you are enjoying your summer. As a Mid-Atlantic girl, I have loved all the heat we’ve had. My family took advantage of the dry, hot days by sailing, swimming, biking, running, tubing, and relaxing. In between the fun, I have worked with my colleagues and staff to prepare for the upcoming school year!

The votes for “Rooted in Community, Reaching for the Stars” was unanimous. Our motto represents the hopes and dreams that faculty, families and community members hold for the students at Hancock Elementary School, and the value we place on a safe, supportive community that enables students to extend their learning to the greater community. At HES, we will continue to cultivate our relationships with the Harris Center, Cornucopia, the Hancock Town Library, the Hancock Historical Society and more. In addition, we will reach out to the family and community members to extend students’ learning by broadening connections with the many talented community members throughout the Monadnock Region. Please think about your personal interests, talents, skills, and knowledge that can be shared with HES students that will add to the richness of our community and learning.

We have several new faces at HES. Courtney Taylor is our new third grade teacher, and Kelsey Hockenbury is our new Kindergarten teacher. Our health teacher is Libby Woodhead, and Sarah Wright is our new special education teacher. Jen Swazey joins us as our new school counselor, and Mitzi Turgeon is our school nurse. Please join us in welcoming all of them to the HES school family.

A few logistics:

* First day of school: August 30th.

* Daily drop off/pick up time for school is 8:20 and 3:25.

* Join us for our day 1 assembly in the multipurpose room. Starting at 8:40 am, we will welcome the returning children to the new school year and give a special welcome to new children and staff. Plan on about 20 minutes total.

* Included with this letter is the paperwork for free and reduced lunches. This information provides the district with the necessary information to acquire federal money for academic support. Please complete and return the paperwork prior to the start of the school year so that we might access Title 1 resources for our students.

* As you complete the paperwork in your child’s First Day packet, look for our 2016-17 Specials’ schedule. Our special the very first week is Library/Media with Ms. Boisvert!