Principal’s Corner

Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 School Year!

I hope your summer was spent exploring, creating, reading, and relaxing. This was certainly a summer of exploration for my family. After a busy school year, we took to the Jersey shore to relax and spend time with family. From there, we headed to Italy then Ohio for family weddings! While the adventures were memorable and my time with my family was cherished, I was happy to return home for August in New Hampshire!

My time with my family as well as recent events in the US and abroad has placed community at the forefront of my mind. This year it is imperative that we truly bring “Rooted in Community, Reaching for the Stars” to life. The HES staff will work to create a school community where students all have a hand in each other’s academic and social success. We will celebrate learning as a whole school and problem solve failures together. We will nurture healthy, supportive relationships among students and instruct when conflicts arise.

We have so much to accomplish – new ways of solving math problems, mastering difficult words in a favorite book, offering an opinion about a story, and standing tall during an oral presentation! It is essential that all children understand that they are accepted, respected, and not alone as they take these learning risks.

Please join us in creating a truly safe and respectful community for the 2017 – 2018 school year!



Amy B. Janoch, M.Ed.