Featured image of article: 2nd Grade

Second grade has been hard at work these past few weeks. We celebrated our last day of Cornucopia with a harvest meal. Families were invited in to take part in our meal and enjoy our last day of Cornucopia with us. It was a chilly but fun morning! We have also been learning about pumpkins.

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Featured image of article: Kindergarten

Another wonderful week in Kindergarten! Thank you to all of the HES families willing to donate either time or supplies to make our costume celebration special. Our community is strong because of your dedication!

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Featured image of article: 3rd Grade

On Friday, 3rd graders worked with Miss Susie from the Harris Center to learn all about mushrooms. Students learned the different parts of a mushroom, how they help our ecosystem as decomposers, and about the many different types of mushrooms local to Hancock. Students then were able to explore our environment to find mushrooms with different attributes.

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Featured image of article: 4th Grade Field Trip

Our 4th grade class had the privilege of attending a special field trip to Norway Pond with their classroom teacher Ms. Nevins and Susie Spikol from the Harris Center. More guests included staff from WMUR as they are featuring Ms. Spikol on Chronicle.

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