Featured image of article: Dandelion Research

Have you ever counted how many seeds are in a dandelion? Second graders tackled this task while learning about data collection and research techniques with Susie Spikol from the Harris Center!

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Featured image of article: Shaping Watersheds

During our third and final STEM Day, students had the chance to use some really fascinating interactive tools such as a 3D interactive augmented reality sandbox (pictured here) and 3D surface water pollution tables. Students learned how water flows from higher elevations to lower elevations, how water can pick up pollutants, and how we effect watersheds on a daily basis.

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Featured image of article: Hancock Town Library

Miss Harrington’s class loved visiting the Hancock Town Library. Ms. Deb read a story, and then they explored the library in search for the perfect book to check out using their very own library card!

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