Featured image of article: 3rd Grade

On Friday, 3rd graders worked with Miss Susie from the Harris Center to learn all about mushrooms. Students learned the different parts of a mushroom, how they help our ecosystem as decomposers,

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Featured image of article: 1st Grade

The first graders have spent the last 3 days working on creating their space hats. We learned the names of the planets, and talked about the order that they are in.

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Featured image of article: Hancock Town Library

Miss Harrington’s class loved visiting the Hancock Town Library. Ms. Deb read a story, and then they explored the library in search for the perfect book to check out using their very own library card!

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Featured image of article: Science Fun!

During choice time, a few of Miss Harrington’s students used building materials to create their own mushroom structures. Using terms learned from Mystery Doug, they were able to describe their mushrooms and indicate if they were poisonous or not.

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Featured image of article: Math Pals

First graders have really enjoyed working with kindergarten during math pals. A recent favorite math pals activity was a race to 100 tally game!

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